Leadership Development Conferences

Join with other Girls Ministries leaders for this event to share ideas, learn from seasoned trainers, and receive a fresh vision for your ministry! Workshops will be led by a team from the National Girls Ministries department and experienced leaders from surrounding districts.


Equipping you for effective ministry. Between budgets and busy schedules, it's difficult to find training tools that work for everyone. But with Leadership Development e-trainings, your team members can prepare for success on their own time, regardless of your budget!


Ministry leaders want to be better equipped and more confident, but you don’t always have training resources that work for you. With the Momentum Training Series, you and your team can sharpen your skills and become more effective in the classroom, all on a budget and timetable that fits your needs.

Club Training

GM Leadership Training book

This all-in-one training course and reference book gives people the confidence to be enthusiastic leaders and provides the tools to make a difference in the loves of kids. Everything they need to know is here-details on all club levels, uniforms, and awards; tips for being an effective leader; customizing the club format to your church’s needs; and steps to starting preschool, Mpact, and Teen Girl Clubs.

Once you complete the training, you will want to take our Girls Clubs Leader Training Guide test to receive national certification.

  • Let us know your training needs and we will schedule training in your area based on the requests.
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