Quarterly Reports

2020 Quarterly Report form

Quarterly report due dates

1st Quarter (January - March)               Mail by April 6, 2020
2nd Quarter (April - June)                     Mail by July 6, 2020
3rd Quarter (July - September)             Mail by October 5, 2020
4th Quarter (October - December)         Mail by December 14, 2020

Instructions for compiling the Quarterly Report/Check-up Time

(The Quarterly Report is an account of Girls Ministries giving from which district and national statistics are computed for permanent records.)

What to Report

The Quarterly Report shows all cash offerings and the actual money spent on merchandise purchased for projects by the local club during the three month periods.

How to Report

CASH GIVEN COLUMN: Enter the amount of actual cash given (honorariums and other offerings) to a missionary, speaker, institution, district tithe, or project in the space opposite the proper category (i.e., World Missions, Benevolences, So Cal Network, Local, etc.).

CASH SPENT COLUMN: Report actual money spent for gifts, supplies for making other items, literature distribution, postage and shipping, etc.  Base value of handmade items upon the actual cost of materials used - not on the retail value of the finished product.  The Cash Spent Report is recognized in lieu of actual money placed in the offering; therefore, it must show only cash spent, not cash value.  No value is to be reported on used items.

LOCAL CATEGORY: In this space report the following ministries:

    • Approved projects for the local church, parsonage, and pastor’s family.
    • Cost of literature and Bibles distributed locally.
    • Community benevolence includes food for the needy, food for bereaved families, and emergency assistance, such as family whose home has burned, etc.  Do not report food for local church or sectional fellowship meetings, or wedding or baby shower gifts for persons within the church.

World Ministries Credit
The General Council of the Assemblies of God has a system of recognition for local churches and district for World Ministries giving.  Giving by Girls Ministries leaders and girls (both cash given and cash spent) is included in the total church and district giving.  Consistent reporting is necessary to insure proper credit being given to both church and the SoCal Network.

Please mail report to:  SoCal Network, Att: Girls Ministries, 17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614
Please make check payable to: SoCal Network

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