Welcome to SoCal Girls Ministries!

We are excited that you are visiting us. It is our goal to REACH our girls and leaders by proclaiming God’s Word in your community. Our gender specific curriculum will cultivate spiritual growth through a mentoring relationship. You will see your girls’ lives transformed as their relationship with Jesus grows.

Our Girls Ministries Team will network with you and your leaders as we train, equip and mentor leaders to be effective ministers and leaders within our Girls Ministries in your local church. You will be INSPIRED to see God’s ministry grow as we line up with the National Girls Ministry Department. Therefore, you will be EMPOWERED to reach your calling to minister to girls and their families as the Holy Spirit leads and empowers you.

Consequently, we are eager to meet you and provide the support that you may need. We encourage you and your church to participate in our trainings and activities. They are designed to mentor and to reach her heart, her world and for His purpose.  Please make sure you stay connected by contacting me or the Network Office.

Serving God together,

Pastor Beth Console
SoCal Girls Ministries Team Leader
Network Office

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