GM Leadership Training Course

GM Leadership Training bookThis complete training course gives sponsors and coordinators the confidence to be enthusiastic leaders. Everything you need to know about starting and running Girls Ministries in your local church will be covered. We will explore details on all club levels, uniforms awards; tips for being an effective leader; customizing the club format your churches’ needs; and steps to starting preschool, Mpact, and Teen Girls Clubs.


Inspiration for GM Coordinators

GM Coordinator CDExploring the ins and outs of Girls Ministries by walking through the Coordinator’s Guide. Team leading activities and fresh ideas for coordinating Girls Ministries at you church will be shared. Come prepared to share your own great ideas at the “buzz session” of this training.


Momentum Leadership Development Units

EducationButton BronzeEducation (Bronze): Created to help teachers sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom. Unit topics include: children with special needs or disabilities,  the dynamics of mentoring, understanding learning styles.


CommunityButton SilverCommunity (Silver): Offers continued training centered on societal factors that affect the church today. Unit include: blending the generations, the world in your clubroom, community outreach.


PesonalGrowthButton GoldPersonal Growth (Gold): This training focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships as well as the worldviews that influence us and those around us. Unit titles: managing conflict, living what you’ve learned, building a Biblical world view.



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