Coins for Kids

Coins for Kids projects run from January to December so that all your BGMC giving will take place during a calendar year. Our SoCal Coins for Kids project deadline will be November 1st. Please make checks payable to SoCal Network. Please send to SoCal Girls Ministries, 17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614.

What is Coins for Kids (CFK)?

Coins for Kids is a missions giving program developed by the national Girls Ministries Department that specifically affects children.Through Coins for Kids, girls are taught the importance of giving and evangelism.

How does the partnership between NGM and BGMC work?

National Girls Ministries (NGM) selects and promotes each Coins for Kids project to benefit a specific AG US or World missions project. Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) provides printed materials for the promotion of the project.All CFK offerings receive BGMC AG Total Giving credit at the end of the calendar year in which they are received.

How are Coins for Kids funds distributed?

  • 78% is given to the AG US or World missionary for the project selected
  • 12% is given to the national BGMC office to cover promotional costs of printed materials
  • 10% is returned to Girls Ministries Departments to cover promotional costs, in direct proportion to amount given by the churches and individuals in the So Cal Network.

How does Coins for Kids relate to the Nationwide Sleepover?

The Nationwide Sleepover held each year in September is the largest fundraising event for Coins for Kids. Girls are asked to bring Coins for Kids offerings with them to Sleepover.The offerings are totaled and reported during the Sleepover Call-In, as well as on Sleepover Reports that are mailed to the national office.

Please make checks payable to SoCal Network.
Please mail checks to SoCal Girls Ministries 17951 Cowan Irvine CA 92614



2019 Coins for Kids Project - Project Argentina


What do you want to be when you grow up? There are so many options that it might even be hard for you to choose!

Unfortunately, some kids live in places where there aren’t as many opportunities. That’s why Coins for Kids is raising money for Mission Argentina this year: to allow missionaries to create a place that will help kids and give them a chance for an even brighter future!

When you give, your spare change will go to build a community center called a Plaza, where children and families can visit and benefit from:

-Life skill lessons


-Prayer, devotions, and fellowship

Your Coins for Kids offering will give kids in Argentina an opportunity to achieve their dreams! 


2018 Coins for Kids giving:  $3,797.27
2019 Coins for Kids giving:  $111.00  (as of 04/17/19)

Top three churches:
#1 - El Centro First Assembly of God
#2 - 
#3 - 


Check out the Coins for Kids 2019 promo video along with more information  link


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