SoCal Girls Ministries

GM_WebBanner2a_Elem_fWho We Are:


We are a resource and a partner to your church that exists to WIN girls to Christ and teach them to become His Forever Followers.

What we do:

  • We equip Girls Ministry leadership in your church for success!

We create large group events where your girls can celebrate their faith, make new and lasting friendships, and experience God in all His fullness! 

What We Value:

  • Ministry to the whole girl – spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional
  • Experiences that build positive memories from childhood to womanhood
  • Creating safe places for girls and young women to make lifelong friendships

How Do We Do This?

Relevant Training – We provide everything necessary to launch a brand new Girls Ministry club in your church. And we are constantly offering fresh and relevant resources for taking existing clubs to the next level.

Girls Ministries Camp – A five or 3-day gathering of Girls Ministries clubs from Southern California. Girls will love this camp because it designed to meet their unique needs, and it will further enhance the impact of Girls Ministries in your local church. Girls from third through twelfth grades will build Christian relationships with club members throughout the SoCal Network, and they will experience our Great God in all His fullness.

Teen Girls Retreat
 – A weekend getaway experience designed for the junior high and high school girl where her identity in Jesus Christ is wholly encouraged. Girls will have opportunities to build relationships with other teen girls who have a shared passion for Jesus and His work in the world.

Coins For Kids –The missions arm of Girls Ministries. Each year the National Girls Ministries Department selects a missions project that specifically affects children.

Celebrating our Achievements –The purpose is not only to celebrate girls and their achievements, but also to connect with unreached parents, family, and friends, ultimately bringing honor to Christ through the girl’s God-centered choices.



Welcome to SoCal Girls Ministries!

We are excited that you are visiting us. It is our goal to REACH our girls and leaders by proclaiming God’s Word in your community. Our gender specific curriculum will cultivate spiritual growth through a mentoring relationship. You will see your girls’ lives transformed as their relationship with Jesus grows.

Our Girls Ministries Team will network with you and your leaders as we train, equip and mentor leaders to be effective ministers and leaders within our Girls Ministries in your local church. You will be INSPIRED to see God’s ministry grow as we line up with the National Girls Ministry Department. Therefore, you will be EMPOWERED to reach your calling to minister to girls and their families as the Holy Spirit leads and empowers you.

Consequently, we are eager to meet you and provide the support that you may need. We encourage you and your church to participate in our trainings and activities. They are designed to mentor and to reach her heart, her world and for His purpose.  Please make sure you stay connected by contacting me or the Network Office.

Beth ConsoleServing God together,

Pastor Beth Console
SoCal Girls Ministries Team Leader
Network Office


Charter Renewals

    Thank you very much for your faithful support of Girls Ministries and chartering again this year. We are blessed to work alongside your church leadership providing resources, training and activities that will enhance ministry to girls and their families.

          Our primary focus is to lead girls to Jesus Christ and to disciple them. Equipping the girls to live in this culture is vital. As you know we develop the girls spiritually and mentally by providing encouragement, support and accountability through a Christian mentoring relationship. Our small group approach to ministry provides the girls with an environment to disciple and develops their gifts and abilities. We also acquaint them with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

ANCHORED, is our annual theme for 2017-2018.  Our scripture verse is:

Hebrews 6:19 “We have this hope as an ANCHOR for the soul, firm and secure.” I’m excited for this theme because it is Christ who is the Anchor of our life, no matter what trials we face or what storms come along, we can stand firm and secure in the promises of God."

          Your chartering funds assist the SoCal Girls Ministries Office with administrative cost and related expenses from our Network GM Office. A benefit for chartering is that you will be paying a lower fee for our events: GM camps, Teen Girls Retreats and Leaders Retreat. Non-chartered churches will have a higher fee for each event.

          Our Network Office will keep our website (girls.socalnetwork.org) current with the necessary information to assist you. You will find our GM Leadership contact information, the 2018 calendar, and information on our annual missionary project: Coin for Kids and information about our events including documents under “Downloads” for your convenience.

          Remember we are available to help you Reach your church, Inspire your leaders and Empower your volunteers. We are ready to resource you!

         Thank you for your partnership with SoCal Girls Ministries. We are a strong community that ministers and disciples girls and blesses their families. We are reaching her heart... her world... His purpose.

 Celebrating God together,

Beth Console
Girls Ministry Team Leader


Advantages of Chartering With SoCal AG Girls Ministries
2019 Charter form

Quarterly Reports

Get the  2018 Quarterly Report form


Quarterly report due dates

4th Quarter (October - December)         Mail by December 17, 2017 - 2017 Quarterly Report form

1st Quarter (January - March)               Mail by April 1, 2018
2nd Quarter (April - June)                     Mail by July 1, 2018
3rd Quarter (July - September)             Mail by October 1, 2018
4th Quarter (October - December)         Mail by December 14, 2018


Instructions for compiling the Quarterly Report/Check-up Time

(The Quarterly Report is an account of Girls Ministries giving from which district and national statistics are computed for permanent records.)

What to Report

The Quarterly Report shows all cash offerings and the actual money spent on merchandise purchased for projects by the local club during the three month periods.

How to Report

CASH GIVEN COLUMN: Enter the amount of actual cash given (honorariums and other offerings) to a missionary, speaker, institution, district tithe, or project in the space opposite the proper category (i.e., World Missions, Benevolences, So Cal Network, Local, etc.).

CASH SPENT COLUMN: Report actual money spent for gifts, supplies for making other items, literature distribution, postage and shipping, etc.  Base value of handmade items upon the actual cost of materials used - not on the retail value of the finished product.  The Cash Spent Report is recognized in lieu of actual money placed in the offering; therefore, it must show only cash spent, not cash value.  No value is to be reported on used items.

LOCAL CATEGORY: In this space report the following ministries:

    • Approved projects for the local church, parsonage, and pastor’s family.
    • Cost of literature and Bibles distributed locally.
    • Community benevolence includes food for the needy, food for bereaved families, and emergency assistance, such as family whose home has burned, etc.  Do not report food for local church or sectional fellowship meetings, or wedding or baby shower gifts for persons within the church.

World Ministries Credit
The General Council of the Assemblies of God has a system of recognition for local churches and district for World Ministries giving.  Giving by Girls Ministries leaders and girls (both cash given and cash spent) is included in the total church and district giving.  Consistent reporting is necessary to insure proper credit being given to both church and the SoCal Network.


Please mail report to:  SoCal Network, Att: Girls Ministries, 17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614
Please make check payable to: SoCal Network


Robin Garvin
Office: (949) 252-8400
Cell: 562-489-6268
(Director, SoCal Kids)

Beth Console 
Home: (661) 865-0113
(Team Leader, SoCal Girls)

Christine Kelly
Office: (949) 252-8692
(Administrative Assistant)


SoCal Girls Leadership Team:

Pastor Beth Console | bdconsole@gmail.com
Pastor Heather Hunziker |  heatherlyn7@gmail.com
Emily Moulton |  emily.moulton@live.com
Robin Nichols |  rnichols110110@gmail.com
Kimberlee Sandoval |  luvmybry@yahoo.com


GM SoCal Heart logo

2018 SoCal Girls Calendar
2019 SoCal Girls Calendar - coming soon


GM Leadership Training Course

GM Leadership Training bookThis complete training course gives sponsors and coordinators the confidence to be enthusiastic leaders. Everything you need to know about starting and running Girls Ministries in your local church will be covered. We will explore details on all club levels, uniforms awards; tips for being an effective leader; customizing the club format your churches’ needs; and steps to starting preschool, Mpact, and Teen Girls Clubs.


Inspiration for GM Coordinators

GM Coordinator CDExploring the ins and outs of Girls Ministries by walking through the Coordinator’s Guide. Team leading activities and fresh ideas for coordinating Girls Ministries at you church will be shared. Come prepared to share your own great ideas at the “buzz session” of this training.


Momentum Leadership Development Units

EducationButton BronzeEducation (Bronze): Created to help teachers sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom. Unit topics include: children with special needs or disabilities,  the dynamics of mentoring, understanding learning styles.


CommunityButton SilverCommunity (Silver): Offers continued training centered on societal factors that affect the church today. Unit include: blending the generations, the world in your clubroom, community outreach.


PesonalGrowthButton GoldPersonal Growth (Gold): This training focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships as well as the worldviews that influence us and those around us. Unit titles: managing conflict, living what you’ve learned, building a Biblical world view.



Let us know your training needs and we will schedule training in your area based on the requests.
Click Here  to submit your request

Coins for Kids

Coins for Kids projects run from January to December so that all your BGMC giving will take place during a calendar year. Our SoCal Coins for Kids project deadline will be November 1st. Please make checks payable to SoCal Network. Please send to SoCal Girls Ministries, 17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA 92614.

What is Coins for Kids (CFK)?

Coins for Kids is a missions giving program developed by the national Girls Ministries Department that specifically affects children.Through Coins for Kids, girls are taught the importance of giving and evangelism.

How does the partnership between NGM and BGMC work?

National Girls Ministries (NGM) selects and promotes each Coins for Kids project to benefit a specific AG US or World missions project. Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) provides printed materials for the promotion of the project.All CFK offerings receive BGMC AG Total Giving credit at the end of the calendar year in which they are received.

How are Coins for Kids funds distributed?

  • 78% is given to the AG US or World missionary for the project selected
  • 12% is given to the national BGMC office to cover promotional costs of printed materials
  • 10% is returned to Girls Ministries Departments to cover promotional costs, in direct proportion to amount given by the churches and individuals in the So Cal Network.

How does Coins for Kids relate to the Nationwide Sleepover?

The Nationwide Sleepover held each year in September is the largest fundraising event for Coins for Kids. Girls are asked to bring Coins for Kids offerings with them to Sleepover.The offerings are totaled and reported during the Sleepover Call-In, as well as on Sleepover Reports that are mailed to the national office.

Please make checks payable to SoCal Network.
Please mail checks to SoCal Girls Ministries 17951 Cowan Irvine CA 92614


CFK2018 1400X490 No GM Logo


2018 Coins for Kids Project - Wonderfully Made


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14, NIV

The Bible tells us that God makes everyone to be their own, unique person. Some kids have brown hair, some blonde. Some are shy, and some like to talk to everyone. Some people even have really big differences, like not being able to walk the same way, or needing extra help with learning.

When the things that make you special also make you different from other kids, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone. . . but that’s where Special Touch Ministry comes in! They help kids who are differently abled get what they need, and teach them about how much Jesus loves them. They even teach churches how to care for people who have different needs or disabilities.

Share your spare change this year with Coins for Kids and help Special Touch Ministry celebrate the things that make each kid special!

2017 Coins for Kids giving:  $4,709.78
2018 Coins for Kids giving:  $3,797.27  (as of 11/29/18)

Top three churches:
#1 - Lancaster First Assembly of God
#2 - City Reach Whittier
#3 - Liberty Christian Center, Bakersfield


Check out the Coins for Kids 2018 promo video along with more information  link


 Coins for Kids Resources

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